“This simple incontinence solution let me live a normal life again”

Hi! My name is Mary. I'm Jess's mom.

If you don't know who Jess is yet, she's the wonderful woman who founded Brazelly and provided us with an incredible solution to light incontinence.

I’m still in awe at how she managed to change my life so much by doing something so simple.

See, Jess’s solution let me:

  • Confidently leave my house without packing an emergency supply kit
  • Live my life without wasting money on awful disposable pads
  • Get a good night sleep without wetting the bed
  • Go out with friends without embarrassing myself
  • And above all, completely forget my incontinence!

Before she came up with this genius solution, I was really struggling.

Incontinence hit me out of nowhere. One day I was perfectly normal and the next day everything changed.

It felt like the world as I knew it had ended!

Suddenly, I was getting these embarrassing little leaks that showed right through my pants every time I sneezed or coughed.

It was really hard on me at first. I went from being a completely healthy and normal person, to dealing with this petty little issue.

The leaks weren’t very heavy or anything, just large enough where I had to start wearing those awful pads.

I knew all my friends were snickering behind my back every time I disappeared off to the bathroom to change them.

Brazelly Are Specifically Made For Women 60+

And it was awful having to go to the store and buy those in front of everyone else!

Not only was it embarrassing, costly, and inconvenient to wear pads, but they were so uncomfortable.

I kept getting rashes, and they'd pull out hair everytime I took them off.

After a full year of dealing with this I was coming to the end of my rope.

All I wanted was for things to go back to normal. Just like they’d been before I got incontinence.

Then my daughter changed my life forever when she sewed me that first pair of panties

I think Jess had gotten so sick of me complaining that she just had to take matters into her own hands!

She's a really talented person who can work wonders with a sewing machine (she was a clothing design major:)

And one Christmas a few years back, after a particularly long bout of complaining, she looked at me and said "Mom I've just had a genius idea, I'm going to give you the best Christmas present this year!"

She then disappeared into her room for the next couple days, leaving me to wonder what the heck she was up to in there.

The anticipation was really killing me. I felt like a little girl again, excitedly waiting to open my presents on Christmas morning.

When the day finally came around and we were all sitting by the Christmas tree, Jess stood up and grabbed a mysterious box with my name on it.

She came up to me and said "Mom, this took me quite a few tries and a lot of time, but I know it's going to change your life"

She could not have been more right.

When she opened that box and explained what she had sewed, I just about broke into tears!

They were these adorable pink panties, crafted to be so similar to my favorite style of panties that I couldn’t even tell the difference...

But they had this special fabric and lining that would prevent any small leaks from showing through!

Jess got super nerdy and excited explaining how they worked:

  • She put in a super soft, moisture wicking lining that would keep me comfy and dry
  • Then two layers of absorbent, moisture-locking fabric that would keep leaks away from me
  • And a leak-proof outer layer to make sure nothing ever comes out

Which makes it sound like a lot, but they were actually just about as thin as my regular panties!

Jess explained that all I had to do now was put on her special panties and I wouldn't have to worry about a thing.

It took me a second before I connected the dots and truly realized how much of a game changer they were:

My life would go back to normal again!!!!!

Every morning, instead of having to prepare pads and stress about going out, I would just put on my panties.

It would be just like incontinence didn’t exist.

It’s been years now and I haven’t given incontinence the slightest thought

Ever since that christmas morning, the only panties I've worn are the one's Jess sewed me.

And they’ve never let me down.

No leaks showing through my pants, no overflow at all, and the panties don't even look like they're aging!

Yup. You heard it right.

Instead of selling her panties for $20 a pop, Jess is going to offer you 5 of them for only $49.95!

I can't believe she's being so generous.

Making these panties isn't cheap, and lowering our prices that much really goes to show how much Jess cares about all of us.

She feels our pain and wants to make sure we can all live the normal lives we dream about.

She's hoping that by offering this incredible discount, she'll be able to reach more ladies and change their lives just like she changed mine all those years ago.

So if you're in a similar situation to me...

If you struggle with pesky little leaks that show through your pants.

If you can't get a good night's sleep without wetting the bed.

If you don't want to keep buying and wearing those awful pads.

If you want your life to go back to normal.

What are you waiting for??

Jump on this offer while you still can!

I have to say: It really is like my life has completely gone back to normal.

  • I don't have to go to the store and waste my money on disposable pads, just to embarrass myself, get rashes, and fill the landfill!
  • I can go out with friends without having to excuse myself to the bathroom suspiciously often.
  • I can go shopping without worrying about a cough or a sneeze making my pants get soaked through.
  • I can get a good night's sleep without wetting the bed.
  • I'm confident to leave the house, and I'm confident to do all the activities I did before incontinence.

And all I have to do is put on these adorable, comfortable panties my daughter sewed for me!

It's like a dream come true.

They had such an incredible effect on my life that keeping them a secret didn’t feel right.

I knew others were out there, struggling with light incontinence but too shy to mention it to anyone else besides family.

Reaching them and spreading awareness about Jess’s solution became my mission.

Soon sold out.
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Never worry about sagging breasts again

Brazelly Comfy & Discreet Leakproof Underwear

Regular price $29.95 USD
Regular price Sale price $29.95 USD
Tax included.

100% Leakproof for full confidence
Looks & Files just Like " Regular" Underwear
Great For Light To Strong Incontinence
Cute Design & Colors With a Comfy Fit
Laurence testimonial:

"They are fabulous! They contain any embarrassing leaks that may occur. An absolute lifesaver!! Thank you for inventing this product, they were desperately needed by many!"

  • Please check the size chart CAREFULLY before purchasing.
  • If you are unsure of your size, please contact us.
  • Choose the next size up if your size is between two sizes.
  • Please check the size chart CAREFULLY before purchasing.
  • If you are unsure of your size, please contact us.
  • Choose the next size up if your size is between two sizes.
96% have better chest support and less back pain.
94% Say bras are sexy and comfortable.
Advice for choosing the right size:

Please refer to the size chart provided
"ex: if you are 2XL then you should take size 3XL"
Fits a little large. If in between sizes, we recommend ordering a size down.


Why Choose Brazelly?

100% Perfect Fit Guarantee

Even the best underwear is no good if the fit sucks!

While our sizing is as accurate as possible, sometimes the fit just isn't right.

That's why we have our 100% Perfect-Fit Guarantee:

Try our underwear on at home, wash them and if you're not 100% satisfied with the fit within 30 days of receiving your order, simply send us an email telling us your order number and the size you need, and we'll send you the new size free of charge - No need to return the original product.


Brazelly Leakproof Underwear™ Other Brands
✔️ Absorbs small, medium and large leaks
✔️ Machine washable
✔️ Fits the shape of the buttocks
✔️ Stable posture
✔️ Soft and comfortable
✔️ Retains bad odors

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Laurence review :

"They are fabulous! They contain any embarrassing leaks that may occur. An absolute lifesaver!! Thank you for inventing this product, they were desperately needed by many! "

Women can't stop talking about these life-changing panties!

Kelly U Verified Purchase.
Brazelly Comfy & Discreet Leakproof Underwear

Highly recommended. I wasn't sure it would work before, but the Sagging Bra™ really helped me. I was heartbroken for months and didn't feel like myself.I then wore the bra every day for about a month before completely resolving my symptoms.

Patricia K Verified Purchase.
Brazelly Comfy & Discreet Leakproof Underwear

The shape of my breasts has improved dramatically. I'm a fan of this bra! I wear them all day (until I fall asleep). The shape of my breasts has improved dramatically, which even my daughters have noticed. I would recommend the Sagging Bra™ to anyone suffering from sagging breasts!

Ingrid B. Verified Purchase.
Brazelly Comfy & Discreet Leakproof Underwear

Comfortable all day long I have literally tried everything for my sagging breasts, but nothing has worked as well as the Sagging Bra™. The bra is comfortable and I would recommend anyone considering surgery to try the bra. They will thank you for it.

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