Take care of your breasts, they are precious.

Take care of them.

Discover Brazelly the non-wired bra.

The sexy and classy bra. A real partner.

Do you have to wear your bra all day and can't wait to get rid of it when you get home? If so, then you are definitely wearing the wrong bra. Wearing a bra doesn't have to be uncomfortable at all. It should rather be a garment that relieves you on a daily basis and maintains your breasts in a firm and soft way.


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Made of lace
Supports breast cancer
Without Underwire
Costs a lot of money
Front opening
  • Holds your breasts well and relieves your back:

    The wide straps are lined and designed to provide your chest with real support that is both firm and soft throughout the day, while allowing you to highlight your chest and correct your posture. And this even if you have a big chest.

  • Push-up effect and innovative front opening:

    Carefully selected high quality lace, with an innovative front opening, results in a bra that slips on and off in seconds, and also gives an ultra sexy push-up effect.

  • Eco-Friendly, Sexy & Comfortable:

    Our bras are made with lace and organic cotton, made in an ecological way by artisans. Brazelly bras are Sexy and Comfortable without underwire and respect our planet.

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Brazelly paris

Our bra with its wide lined straps will help you stay upright all day long, even if you have a generous chest. So don't wait any longer and indulge your back by buying the “BRAZELLY” non-wired bra.

Brazelly paris

You dreamed it, we made it happen! "BRAZELLY" bras are without underwiring for absolute comfort and by wearing them you will always be so sexy.

98.7% of customers loved our bras.

Melani B. Verified Purchase
I love it

This bra is designed for women's comfort! It keeps my breasts in place even when I run. I've worn underwire for years and never thought I'd get the same support with a non-wired bra, but I'm glad I'm wire-free now ;)

Julie A. Verified Purchase
This is perfect for me!

I've tried several wireless bras and have always struggled to find one that fits me, but this Brazelly bra is incredibly comfortable and I'm very happy with it.

Ophelie V. Verified Purchase
Very good quality

This is the second one I've ordered because I bought one for my mom and then kept it for myself. Excellent quality. I'm a fan, I recommend it! 😊

Elsa J. Verified Purchase
The Best bra brand

I was looking for a bra that leaves no trace after wearing it and that can be worn "invisibly". It's the perfect bra! It offers wonderful support without all the flaws. I almost feel like I don't have. Thanks very much!

Myriam B. Verified Purchase
I recommend 100%

I bought two beige and one purple. I love the feel and the straps stay on the shoulders. Unable to pay on cash on delivery..., payment only via PayPal or credit card, but delivery is free and fast!

  • Safe delivery

    You can trust Brazelly Paris to deliver your order, delivery are free and safe.

  • Secure payment

    We use the latest technology with 3d secure to guarantee you a secure payment.

  • Customer service

    Our customer service is available from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., we will answer you within 24-48 hours.

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